List of compatible tools
with WebInterpret

WebInterpret is compatible with the following third-party tools that are used to create customized listings, manage stocks and more.
Please inform WebInterpret which tools you are using and make sure they are always updated.

  • All 20
  • Amazon 13
  • Ebay 7

The following tools were verified to be compliant with our System regarding the following specific parts of a regular Seller’s workflow:

Stock Synchronization: inner stock-balancing system of your third-party tool does “acknowledge” and coexists with your WebInterpret’s foreign listings stock synchronization.

Order Management: You are able to process foreign orders as you would process local ones.

You can always precise this information through your user interface: Preferences / Third Party Tools. Check this article for more information on third-party tools.

* If you are using one of the above, use the instruction:

** If you are using one of the above, please contact us